SQA Maturity Model™

The SQA Maturity Model is a software quality assurance implementation framework that enables organisations to:

  • Increase Efficiencies in Software Development
  • Reduce the Cost of Defects
  • Ultimately Increasing Your Return on Investment in IT

The "Bigger Picture"

To drastically reduce the number of defects delivered into production you have to look at 3 basic pillars - People, Process and Technology

The SQA Maturity Model™ is a tried and tested, simple and effective methodology that allows you to achieve quick wins in quality assurance by enabling you to deliver quality without compromise. It fits into an agile or traditional development framework.

The goal of STS is to empower organisations to reduce defects in production. Utilization of the SQA Maturity Model™ will enable your organisation to achieve the following:

  • PEOPLE: A QA team that is skilled and competent and meets performance targets

  • TECHNOLOGY & DISCIPLINES: End-to-end testing is performed and you have a maintainable and efficient testing repository

  • PROCESS: Processes to facilitate reduction of defects into production is implemented and practiced. Comprehensive QA dashboards     are delivered to management.

    Clients are satisfied as UAT effort is reduced and system performance, reliability and security is maximized.

    The ultimate objective is to reduce the delivery of defects into UAT/production and you cannot achieve this without focusing on People, Processes and Technology.

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